About VSO Art for Volunteerism

A Fundraising event for VSO Bahaginan by various local artists


VSO Bahaginan, an international organization focused on development programs through volunteerism, needs resources and funds to continue its work on peace-building, secure livelihood, disability, environment and education.  VSO Bahaginan needs to follow through with its plan to help build the nation & the world through volunteerism, proactive citizenship as well as helping the poorest communities help themselves.

VSO is different from most organisations that fight poverty. Instead of sending money or food, we bring people together to share skills and knowledge. In doing so, we create lasting change.

  1. To raise funds from the art work sales and the dinner event
  2. To engage a niche audience (i.e., artists and art connoisseurs)to support the programs of VSO Bahaginan
  3. To market and increase the profile of the organization and the artists as well. 

The concept of “Bayanihan” is integrated in the core of the Filipino identity. In this day and age, it is very much alive but has taken a different form – the form which involves the readiness and the ability to uplift other people’s lives. In VSO Bahaginan, we take this to heart as we see people as the best agents of change.
Believing that skills are valuable to help communities, VSO Bahaginan has now partnered with local artists who volunteered to make a difference through their artistic talents. It will hold an "Art for Volunteerism" event which is aimed to strengthen the connection between artists and art lovers’ role in the society and their joint ability to fight disadvantage and build fairer societies. A portion of the sales of these artworks will be donated to VSO Bahaginan’s projects locally and all across the globe. 
The exhibit, which combines promotion of art appreciation and fund raising, will be held at the Ayala Museum in Makati City starting December 9, 2011. It will be highlighted by the Official Opening Dinner which will be graced by the art contributors, event sponsors and VSO Bahaginan partners.
We are encouraging you to take part in this event, which combines promotion of art appreciation and fundraising. Be a stakeholder in the process of development through the Art for Volunteerism.


Supporting VSO gives you the chance to make a bigger difference. Money and food all help, but they don’t last forever. We create enduring change by bringing people together to share knowledge, coordinating their efforts to maximize impact. With VSO, every peso
you share brings people together to spark a chain reaction. You’ll help make life better not just for an individual or a family, but for a community or even a country.
How You Can Help:
  • Purchase a one-of-a-kind artwork made by one of our local and national artists and help disadvantaged communities
  • Become a sponsor of the Art for Volunteerism
  • Purchase an event pass for the Art for Volunteerism Opening Dinner

Spread the word about the Art for Volunteerism exhibition in your group and community