Sunday, November 6, 2011

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The Model Forest Projects 

Ulot Watershed.
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In September 2010, VSO Bahaginan officially launched the partnership with the International Model Forest Network or IMFN and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in the sustainable management of two model forests in the Philippines, namely the Carood Watershed in Bohol and the Ulot Watershed in Samar.

The IMFN is a global community of practice whose members and supporters work toward the common goal of sustainable management of forest-based landscapes through the Model Forest Approach.

The IMFN is comprised of all member model forests in existence around the world. Model forests are based on a flexible approach that combines the social, cultural and economic needs of local communities with the long-term sustainability of forest landscapes.

VSO Bahaginan is working to support the work of local organizations in supporting specific sustainable and volunteering-based development interventions so that people live harmoniously with the environment. Together with partners, VSO Bahaginan and volunteers will work in ecotourism and enterprise development, capacity-building of peoples organizations, establishment of local volunteering groups, and organizational development of the watershed councils. 

True to the approach of bringing people together, VSO Bahaginan is working with international and national volunteers to work with local volunteers in championing environmental protection and sustainability while making families self-sufficient and productive.

To know more about where VSO Bahaginan works, check this documentary on the Carood Watershed in Bohol: